3D interior design with "DUT Interijeri"

Our mission is to make design accessible to "wider masses", i.e. to everyone, to break the myth of design as something very expensive, available only to "the selected few". Interior design is not only a question of expensive designer furniture, it is also a question of lifestyle. It means a home tailored to the needs of the individuals who live in it.

The vision of our salon is – everything you need for interior design - from the first sketch and 3D visualization to custom-made furniture and curtains. Our experience tells us that the customers prefer "home" atmosphere and friendly and individualized approach that we offer in our salon. That's how we "click" with our customers; but first we need to gain their confidence; after all, we do create their space (whether private or commercial), which really is a very intimate thing. Increasingly more people, and especially young people, are nowadays looking forward to getting information on products designed and made in Croatia. We are trying to raise the awareness of the fact that, with the quality furniture produced in Croatia, the share of the quality in the price of the product is much higher than in branded products, where a large part goes just to the "name". This does not mean that we shun from brands, quite to the contrary, they can often give an interesting touch to the interior.

Our clients are people ready to leave the interior design to a professional team, people who do not want to waste their time on browsing catalogues, comparing prices or waiting for the handymen, but are willing to pay for this service. As for the others, we are trying to inform them about the benefits of hiring interior designers, i.e. our team of experts – they'll get a well designed interior with the complete service of interior decoration and everything that goes with it. Taking into account all the facts - the time spent on researching where and what to buy, what color, from what manufacturer, who produces the best and most affordable furniture and curtains, and how to match it with everything else; and then we run into something very very convenient, e.g. furniture, and when we have it shipped home, we find out that it is a bit too bulky for our space; but now it is already there. And the color is not quite the way we remember it from the salon, under those lights it looked a little brighter ... but never mind ... and then you start buying other furniture just to match it with the one you already have.... When you add everything together – what we would pay an interior designer and what we would gain by that - the best ratio for the design of an interior which is aligned functionally, aesthetically and financially with all your needs, desires and abilities, you gain much more than you paid for the cost of sheer designing services. Many people say - why should I pay a designer when I know best what I need, what I like, etc. And it's true. In this case, an interior designer will help you shape your desires and ideas into a single concept and realize it as simply as possible.

Some people are lost in a sea of ideas and possibilities. There are people who, although they are not professionals, have lot of sense for interior decoration, but they often make a mess of their apartment because they do not know the right measure. In that case, a designer helps them create a balance between a variety of details and features possible in that particular interior. There are calculations as to how much space an average person needs, for example, to move around the kitchen, what is the most appropriate height of the work surfaces fit to an individual, how much space should be left for communication between rooms in a flat or house, etc.

An interior designer will notice both good and bad sides of an interior, and adapting it to the needs of the individuals who live there, taking into consideration their height and built, they will turn its flaws into benefits. Slowly but surely, interior design is becoming recognized by the general public. It is curious that most people consider it normal to pay for a plumber or a mechanic, but not for an interior designer. That's because they think they can do it themselves ... Fortunately, there are more and more people who recognize what is it that we actually have to offer and what is an advantage of hiring a professional when designing an interiror. We help them really "see " their space and perceive the advantages or disadvantages of particular interior design concept as we go along / when creating the project . We help them create an interior which is not only aesthetically and functionally aligned with their wishes and needs, but also in accordance with the rules of the profession and the financial resources they have available at that moment.

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