Design and furnishing in apartments and hotels

Most people work hard throughout the whole year eagerly awaiting to spend some time on holidays. They want only the best for themselves... When furnishing your apartment or hotel, try to imagine that you are the guest going on a well-deserved holiday. Treat your guest the way you yourself would like to be treated on a holiday: let their curtains have nice colours and let everything else be perfect – the bed, the mattress the bedlinen... If you think that way, we believe you will offer your guest unforgettable moments, and they will keep coming back again spreading a good word about you...

What do we offer you in DUT interiors?
Turnkey interior design. From the first draft to 3D visualization. Composite and upholstered custom-made furniture, a large selection of tables and chairs for restaurants and cafés, upholstery fabrics, fabrics for interiors and exteriors (outdoor fabrics), panel curtains, package curtains, classic curtains, non-combustible and ordinary blackout curtains, sitting bags, modular furniture...

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Design and furnishing in apartments and hotels
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