Decorating and equipping kitchens and living rooms

Sometimes it seems that an ideal living room is just like an ideal man. An ideal man should have Paul Newman's deep blue eyes, Tom Cruise's arms, legs of the tennis player Pat Rafter and the chest of the actor Benjamin Bratt. In other words, I should have that coffee table I saw at Anna's, the chandelier from Yvonne's, the two-seater from the furniture showroom on the corner, etc. In any case, you are faced with a real design challenge! Decorating the living room, probably the most important room in your house or a flat, may sometimes feel like choosing a life-long partner. OK, maybe not life-long.

How can you actually get to a perfectly furnished living room where everything is just tailor-made to your preferences?

There are so many different styles, so many beautiful pieces of furniture, different types of wall paint and wallpaper that can give the final "touch" to the interior... How can you find something that will meet your long-term needs? It's hard. But there is hope . First of all, you must know what you want and what is the ultimate goal of your design. In some cases living rooms are more transient, so to speak, „exhibitional“ part of the apartment, and the real heart of the apartment is the kitchen. In other cases they are used to watch TV, receive guests and some even serve as an office . Often they are multifunctional, so they should be divided into meaningful units. But what you need to do first is define the style they are going to be decorated. Whether it is modern, minimalist or romantic shabby chick, it will depend on your preferences. By determining the decorating style, you'll get a guiding thread which will help shape your living room into a pleasant whole. Besides that,if you have enough talent and sense of space, shapes and colors, you can opt for a bold combination of styles.


The centrepiece of a living room, its heart and soul, is its sofa set. It can be a regular sofa, a two or a three-seater, a corner sofa...All that matters is that it is comfortable and that there are enough cushions to allow the right position for optimal rest. Other pieces of furniture usually include the accompanying armchair, a coffee table, a book shelf and, of course, a TV set. In larger living rooms there is also a dining table, but that's a different story. All these pieces of furniture should be in line with the colour of the walls, carpets, decor fabrics and curtains. It may sound pretty simple, but it's exactly where the biggest mistakes are sometimes made. Sticking to only one colour can result in monotonous and colourless space. And if you insist on the same pattern, eg. the floral one, you'll feel as if you'd just got to a flower meadow. It's just that...your living room should be exactly what its name says and the visit to the meadow should be left for a picnic.

Coffee tables should be in different levels, which will meet the need for the disposal of different things, whether it's a cup of coffee or your favorite magazine. There are practical models of tables containing an integrated tray where you can put all your remotes. Neat and cool, isn't it? You can use an old wooden chest for that, too. New shelving units, which replaced old, bulky shelves and cabinets, leave enough space for different combinations which can be adapted to the size and needs of your living room. Bookshelves are often available in the same style so by modular furniture elements you can achieve a desired effect and satisfy all the needs of the household.


The TV set and other audiovisual devices should be placed out of the reach of children, near the electrical installations and away from heat or direct sunlight . The TV set can also be mounted on the wall, which in smaller rooms may sometimes create the impression of a clutter. Arrange a suitable corner for children and provide it with a soft pad on the floor and a storage space for toys. That way the children can always be with you, under your supervision, you'll be able to communicate with them, and yet everyone will be able to devote themselves to proper activities . An important component of decorating the living room is properly positioned lighting. Not only should it be positioned centrally, but there should be more small lighting sources. The living room lighting is usually concentrated on the seating area. This creates a romantic effect, especially if the lights can be dimmed, i.e. regulate by a dimmer. The work corner, if there is one, requires also adequate lighting. A lamp on the desk which can be turned in any direction sounds like an ideal solution.


For some, it is just a part of their home that should be decorated according to the interior design scheme. For others, it's the heart, the centre of their home. That's how I distinguish people. I don't divide them into good and bad. I divide them into those who fully make use of their kitchen and those who consider it a stopover. Share all your interior design doubts and queries with us; together we'll design your happy home!

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Decorating and equipping kitchens and living rooms
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