Design and furnishing of restaurants and cafes

In our fast-moving society, there is a need to spend some nice and pleasant moments relaxing and in company with people dear to us. Therefore, a café or a restaurant of our choice where we always readily stop by with our friends or family is of a primary importance. All the more, restaurant and cafe interiors take the form of living-rooms, providing similar comfort. Restaurant owners have recognized the importance of interior decoration and such investments are in several ways worth since, it has to be admitted, even "slapped together" interior decoration costs, and the feedback is yet to come.

Be the one who considers working facilities decoration a good investment, not just a necessary evil. It will pay off sooner than you may expect since customers nowadays appreciate their free time, they are very careful about every "penny" they spend and reluctant to give their confidence just to anyone. Their trust will be placed in primarily restaurants with carefully decorated space (and, of course, a good service).

The situation is similar as for office spaces. Nowadays we spend much time at work so it is essential in what kind of interior we work. It is a well-known fact that work efficiency and working atmosphere are better in human-scale offices with ergonomic furniture. Since people spend plenty of their time at work, the interior they work in is very important. It is well-known that effectiveness and working atmosphere is better in spaces tailored to the human needs with ergonomic furniture.

What do we offer you in DUT interiors?
Turnkey interior design. From the first draft to 3D visualization. From adaptation, composite and upholstered custom-made furniture, a large selection of tables and chairs for restaurants and cafés, upholstery fabrics, fabrics for interiors and exteriors (outdoor fabrics), panel curtains, package curtains, classic curtains, non-combustible and ordinary blackout curtains, sitting bags, modular furniture ... Make your restaurant or café a place for people to come with pleasure and bring their friends to hang-out.

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Design and furnishing of restaurants and cafes
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