Designing and furnishing apartments and houses

When decorating apartments and houses, you must take into account all those who will use the given interior, either always or only occasionally (friends, family dinners, etc ...). Everyone should have their own space, their place suited to their needs, whether it be the study, kitchen or nursery. Therefore, when decorating your home, it is extremely important to take into account all these factors.

Why should you have your interior designed by an architect or interior designer?
There are calculations as to how much space an average person needs, for example, to move around the kitchen, what is the most appropriate height of the work surfaces fit to an individual, how much space should be left for communication between rooms in a flat or house, etc. An architect or interior designer will see both good and bad sides of the interior, and adapting it to the individual needs, they will turn its flaws into benefits.

What do we offer you in DUT – why consult experts and why our experts, in particular?
The interior designer is more likely to see „the big picture“, thus easily incorporating in the design all your needs, wishes, habits, favourite colours as well as your style. The interior designer will find the right solution for you taking into consideration your needs, the interior limits and your financial resources.

You will get the best quality/ price ratio and all in one place. We offer you a complete service: from the choice of colours, dimensions, materials (whether for kitchen sets, fitted cupboards, living-rooms, bathrooms or sofa sets) to panel curtains, package curtains, classic curtains, tablecloths or small pillows...

We offer you as well free consultations for furnishing the interior based on the layout.

Arrange your meeting with Slavica Durković, interior designer, dipl. ing on the telephone 098 231 217.

What we always like to single out as our advantage is that we get involved in the interior design right from the first draft and 3 D visualization to equipping your space with the custom-made furniture and curtains tailored exclusively to your needs. It allows us to adjust the whole interior to your needs, from curtains to slipcovers for chairs, sofa-sets and the rest of the custom-made furniture. This is the way we tell your story, make your interior the reflection of you and become your resort and the place for relaxation and energy renewal. We constantly monitor trends, visit the world's leading trade fairs adopting innovations and applying them to our interior decoration.

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